10/3/19 @ 5:37 pm

laptop is abt to die and my charger is on the fritz!

college is probably the best thing to ever happen to me its my place hello!

check out my music page!! i posted a new track a couple days ago and its pretty good i think :D working on more stuff now that i have a microphone that works

really wanna move out of my house :) im tired. thanks for reading, bye

9/6/19 @ 8:20 am

o wow college is a lot huh, still loving it though lol
ive made a couple friends too!! my drawing class if filled w ppl that actually talk n i love it

besides that though :( ive been super sick w some random virus for over a week now and um....id rather die than deal w this rn tbh. i remember last week i couldnt even get high because i felt that sick and awful, it was licherally the worst! my bf has kept me company though so it hasnt been too terrible... i just hate the migraines its been giving me T_T

also!! i made a friendproject!! i missed out on myspace cause i was like 5 n didnt use the internet yet so im making up for it w this lol, feel free to add me and talk! i check it dailyish

also havent said this yet, thank you all for the support for 2cool4fp! it was awesome to see all the forms come in from cool neocities users
funny thing is, i havent even looked at the frontpage in like months, but then again i havent been super active here ;w; sorry about that again, life is a cowboy and im gonna ride it all night long babey!

music today is all PC music cause im me

8/27/19 @ 7:03 pm

actually updated the moosic tab.....take that

uhm had class today and actually almost peeled over and died i think i hadnt eaten all day and i smoked like..........maybe a bit too much on an empty stomach and that just actually killed me so i was sweating buckets during math and my speech class and thought i was gonna vomit the entire time but...im good now teehee
other than that, p ok day i guess idk those classes bore me but my drawing class is really fun everyones cool in there :D hope everyone in school rn is doing good w that cause its tough @_@

8/25/19 @ 11:34 am

my laptop is abt to die and the charger is shit so it barely charges and im just trying to edit ayesha songs to sound better (aka getting rid of male features/speeding it up) dijalkdakjdnak help.

ive also started com college! wow!!! exciting!! i like it lol ppl are nice and not judgy and im a talker so...

also!!! tysm for 50,000+ views thats cr*zy holy sh*t mwah see u later

8/18/19 @ 7:21 am

oooogh im b*tch and im downloading audacity cause i can

might update l8er


this is fr me because i havent updated this site i forever............................. im sowwy

ive been busy living life and having a fun summer with my friends and bf
i miss having an internet presence... but i keep being busy with other things, ive actually been writing some songs but its nothing serious yet i guess, i dont even know where to start w making music
if anyone has advice on music making/beat making please let me know, dm me on insta or email me @ bitchcore@protonmail.com id love u forever gosh

thanks for reading so much, and if u are, i hope u know that youre a wonderful existence and im sure someone appreciate u being alive
bye for now :)


oh wow!! its been a minute :O ivebeen busy w just life cause its summer lol

i hope everyones doing good :D i miss coming here almost everyday adnlkjdnajk
ive just been on mastodon cause its good n fun, and making amvs for fun!
im also working on my guitar skils ;) watch out ladies!!

other than that...nothing much new, i rlly need to work on the monnie site and expand her mansion


12:52 pm

its a long one!! maybe

ive been lazy with working on this site, ive decided to take the ayesha site "down" and hide the pages from view since apparently more stuff is happening and i prioritize her safety. only true fans will be able to find the pages lol, anyways...

instead of site making, ive been making fanvids/amvs for songs jildaksbjhab yea ik, im dumbass but hear me out
i have a lot of fun w them and if u want to see em here:

ive also uploaded misc funny vids from other ppl on youtube; its always sourced though;
so yea.... also!

msn is back b*tches! add me on escargot @ 08heart80@gmail.com lmao im fun to talk to (just ask oracle or hana)


oh also mastodon is super fun follow me

baiii luv yall


6:58 pm

tw drug mention

OMG so i went to pride today w my bff hailey and omg i had the time of my life!!
it was super hot but honestly i was too high to care KLJFWALFNWLAHJ

i bought:
-a bi flag and lanyard
-a resist pin, a trans pin, and a pride text pin
-someone was selling "gay fucking pride!" on a shirt with "its pride time bitches" on the back and it looked rlly good so i bought it, might post pics later cause its iconic and the dude selling it was the best jbdkabahj i love being lgbt
-a rainbow headband, which i put on as a part of my outfit immediatley lol
thats it!! heres my outfit

i hope its cute everyone looks really good!!

hailey and i left after an hour cause it was so hot but we had an amazing time, i love her sm im really glad i got to actually go :D


11:08 pm

tw: death

somethings been off lately and i cant tell what

it might be what happened to etika honestly, his death has really been getting to me lately... hes actually gone

i hung out with my friend justin today who also loves etika and we just had a total meltdown together and reminisced about funny stuff he had done

i just cant believe people would go out of their way to make fun of him... its so heartbreaking to me

sorry if this is depressing, but its what ive been feeling

along with that, ive just been kinda...bored. ive been going out and doing stuff but it just feels samey to me... i need something better and different. college will probably throw me into that? hopefully
yea. god

uh ive been working on several sites lately such as monnie's, my ayesha site, and a fragglerock fanpage! theyre simple enough to find since i follow all of em

i dont think some ppl have realized im monnie cause i got a comment on there asking why i followed them T_T like uh i like ur site my guy


9:57 am

anyways looks like im actually in love and THATS SCARY WTF uhm
my emotions relating to love has been jumbled ever since i met my 2 current crushes
theyre both my best friends and im..............kms

theyre both *heart eyes*, one is supre cute supre fun a straight girl (AAAAAAAAAA SHOOT ME) and a supre cute supre fun dude and i might die @_@ oop

in other news.... ive been making a new website :) gonna make it even more of a rabbit hole
its called monnie

this is a site surrounding my oc/persona monnie, and is basically my personal playground to do whatever the fuck i want, just not on my main account :3c feel free to follow!! shes cunt

uhmm gonna go lay in the sun :) its always so relaxing, esp rn


@ 3:07 pm

:D! today has been good, got up at 10 and purged some of my room, and worked on my new website...

WARNING for NSFW content, autoplay, bright colors(pink and white ) and flashing images

this is my site all abt ayesha erotica, and if you dont know her music then i encourage you to listen!!
special thanks to dannarchy aka dann!! they helped me a lot w the css for the site which i struggled with lol

in other news..im hanging out with my crush tonight ;w; oh boy


@ 12:31 pm

tw: drug mention lol

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh im dying scoob!! i woke up at 9 feeling terible and then i threw up :(( this is such trash what is going on w me!!

whatever >:( im doing great other than that!!
on the 18th i saw my friend kaleb, who i havent seen in person in 2 years!! it was so much fun and we just played smash bros, listened to ayesha erotica, smoked, and watched animal crossing analysis videos jakdahdba

in a weird turn of events...my "friend" stole drugs from an entire group of people and somehow didnt get killed? idk why the hell she did that it honestly made me pissed!! im not gonna hang out with her anymore cause...yea

ive been working on the site if u couldnt tell :D take a look

thats it for now! thanks for reading

nsfw warning for ayesha songs

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warning for LOUD and ANARCHY

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